Plan des pistes

Ski alpin

Trysil is Norway’s largest ski resort with 68 ski slopes and 30 lifts, two large children’s areas, and several Snow Parks.

Trysil consists of four interconnected areas:

  • Trysil Turistsenter is located on the south side and has long, wide ski slopes of all difficulty levels. Here you’ll also find the children area and several Snow Parks.
  • Trysil Høyfjellssenter is located on the north side of the mountain. Here you’ll find many green ski slopes, a number of red ski slopes and a large children’s area.
  • Høgegga is the steepest area in Trysil and offers challenging black ski slopes. It’s also a favourite area for many alpine ski stars.
  • Skihytta is located on the south side of the mountain and offers long sunny days. Here you’ll find express lifts and restaurants along with blue and red ski slopes.


Ski de fond

Cross-country tracks in Trysil go along different trails, both on top of the mountain and under the tree line.

Skihytta and Fageråsen are both good starting points and the broad grooves are well-suited for skating. All tracks are marked in the cross-country skiing map. Get yourself a map to get a better overview of the selection of trails in the Trysil mountains.

A GPS transmitter in the preparation machine shows when tracks were last prepared.  The service is provided by

If you want to ski in the evening on illuminated tracks, there is Trysil-Knut Arena near Trysil Tourist Centre.  There are more trails on the other side of the city centre.